Legalizing Marriage with Stepchild in Iran and Human Rights
Elham Namdari

The Iranian parliament revised the law of adoption of children under state. According to article 27 of new law, the head of the family can marry to adopted child, the serious consequence of this law reveal when it is known that according to Iranian law, is Thirteen the age that a girl can marry and for younger children marriage is possible in case of observance the best interest of child. Iran is a member of convention on the right of child, but he made reservations that provide convention on the articles and provisions which may be contrary to the Islamic Sharia provisions or articles of the Convention that are incompatible with Islamic Laws and the international legislation in effect. This paper examines in spite of reservation, this law is in contradiction with Convention of Rights of Child and lead to systematic violation of human right, and then it has to be cancelled immediately.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/jswhr.v3n1a4