Discrimination of Fundamental Rights:A Critical Review on the Present Caste Based Status of Dalit’s in India
Sailajananda Saikia

Even in 21st century Indian society is based on social system of caste and plays a very critical role of social structure. Under-educated, severely impoverished, and brutally exploited, Dalits struggle to provide for even their most basic daily needs. The violence by upper-caste groups against Dalits have two major causes: the “untouchability” and discrimination upper-caste community members practice on a daily basis and the desire of upper-caste community members to protect their own entrenched status by preventing Dalit development and the fulfillment of Dalits’ rights. A review of the political, social, economic, and cultural status of Dalits in India shows the State Party to be in violation of its obligation to respect, protect, and ensure Convention rights to all individuals in its jurisdiction. An attempt has been made in this paper to high light the issues and problems of India as a country that has failed in its duty to eliminate caste discrimination and ensure the full enjoyment of the fundamental rights and equality before the law of Dalits guaranteed by Article 5.

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