Social Justice and the Poor in India
Alok Kumar Yadav

The concept of social justice has become a common part of the political lexicon in recent years. In the modern organized society, administration of Justice is the paramount duty of the State. Access to Justice is considered as one of the chief Human Rights of any individual. In this regard, every State is creating institutions, the court, to provide justice to its citizen. In India, the Indian Justice system suffers from two major defects, namely delay in Justice and costly Justice, which led to a situation in which the poor cannot afford for justice in the court system prevailing in the country. The person those who are denied justice in such situation have nowhere to go. After comparing the prospect and problems of the Act with other judicial mechanism available, it can be concluded that the Gram Nyayalaya, the court at grass root level is a revolutionary concept of providing access to justice to millions of rural poor living in the remote areas. Although, some practical problems may be detected at the earlystage of implementation but the Ernest steps to plug the loopholes may make it more beautiful and effective than the ADR techniques.

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