Child Rights in Bangladesh
Haradhan Kumar Mohajan

Bangladesh is a densely populated country with populations about 160 millions. About half of the populations of Bangladesh are under the age of 18 who are considered as children and more than 20 million of them are under the age of 5. About 73% of children live in the rural areas and 27% live in the urban areas. Onethird of these children continue to live below the international poverty line. The violation of child rights is a common matter in Bangladesh. The children have basic rights to education, balance diet, health and nutrition, protection, participation, recreation, safe water, sanitation, and hygiene. Most of the children of Bangladesh are deprived from these basic rights. The GoB with UNICEF has taken steps for schooling all the children and to decrease child labors and other child abuses. An attempt has been made here to discuss the aspects of child rights to create a childfriendly environment in Bangladesh.

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